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The Coventry Music Museum

Coventry Telegraph People's Choice Awards

In this year’s Coventry Telegraph People’s Choice Awards the Museum achieved First place in two categories:

Best Family Attraction  and  Best Independent Venue

Needless to say, the whole museum team are delighted, and extend our thanks to all the music-loving visitors who made this possible.   Thank you!

Now with even more viewing space, come and see our brand new galleries

Open Thursday to Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm

£3.00 Adults, £1.00 Children

The Book Is Out!

Actually two books in one, Articles In Sound is a fascinating history of Coventry and Warwickshire music, as defined through a tapestry of 50 objects; when opened at the other end, the book provides a clear, concise and up-to-date guide to the museum, its displays and exhibition areas.

Our Webmaster writes:

“With its extensive coverage of fascinating information describing a diverse range of musical artefacts from every era, it’s a “must have” for anyone who’s into any aspect of the Coventry music scene.”

… so is the Website …

There is also a new Web site for Articles In Sound – drop in and see what it’s all about!

… and the app

Free to download, Articles In Sound has its very own, interactive app.
Download from Google App Store here


Coventry famously gave 2-Tone music to the world. Spawning bands like The Specials, The Selecter, Madness and The Beat. 2-Tone music, as influential as it was, is only a small reflection of the vast musical talents that Coventry can lay claim to.

At the Coventry Music Museum, we tell the real story of our musical heritage, going right back to the Roman occupation. We stop along the way at Music Hall, 50’s Rock’ N’ Roll, the 60’s Beat scene and we even have the Lennon Bench, commemorating the famous ‘Acorns for Peace’ event.

There’s the 70’s, when Coventry ruled the charts on both sides of the Atlantic with its trademark fusion of ska and punk: 2-tone.

Our 80’s area celebrates Hazel O’Connor, The Primitives and of course, King.

In the 90’s we go all Bhangra, then we celebrate Dave Willetts in Phantom of the Opera (we even have his original Phantom mask).

Now it’s The Enemy‘s time, with many unique items from Coventry’s current hitmakers here on display.

Always keen to recognise and promote new talent, look out for our Artist of The Month!

All that’s really missing is YOU, so we hope to welcome you, very soon

Opening times Thurs-Sun 10.00am to 4.00pm

Celebrating Sir Horace

Our current Special Exhibition:

On Bass, Sir Horace Gentleman

An exhibition dedicated to Coventry’s

Horace Panter (A K A Sir Horace Gentleman)

A tribute to Horace’s massive contributions to 2-Tone Ska through The Specials, and his wider work as a Bluesman, a leading member of General Public, an artist, a writer, bassman, teacher… (but you’ll have to visit the exhibition to truly appreciate the man!)

Perhaps even get to experience the feel of a Gibson Thunderbird bass like the one Sir Horace played with The Specials, and see his “best” bass, handcrafted by Coventry luthier John Williams of Noise Works, Far Gosford Street.

As part of this exhibition, and continuing our series of Lottery-funded informal talks,  we thank Tony Wall (bass-player from Coventry band King) for his involving and revealing talk on Saturday, 2nd April.  His passion for the music he helped to create was abundant.

We look forward to seeing who will be our guest speaker at our next talk – watch this space.

Please check our Events page for more details

Artist of the Month



Doing Things The Delian Way...

Often dubbed the “Sculptress of Sound”, Coventry-born Delia Derbyshire was a student of Barrs Hill School in the days when it was a girls’ Grammar school, and Cambridge University, where she read music and mathematics.

Best known for her work putting together the original version of the Dr Who theme music, Delia worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop between 1962 and 1973, having joined the BBC as a Studio Manager in 1960.

While she was there, she had a very profound influence on a much wider range of musicians, including visits from the Beach Boys, the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

In her later years, her work influenced many other musicians, including local artists Jerry Dammers and Sonic Boom.  Her work continues to inspire a huge range of composers from many parts of the music spectrum.

Coventry Music Museum is proud to present a new, permanent display dedicated to Delia.

Exhibits include her own reel-to-reel tape recorder, her personal copy of the original Dr Who theme, a brass lampshade of the same type she used to create many of her sound sources, some examples of her rather unique ways of writing her music…

This is a “must-see” display for anyone fascinated by electronic music and its part in the rich history of Coventry’s place in the music world.

City of Culture 2021

Bids are now open for the UK’s City of Culture 2021.


Prime contender for this illustrious status is our home: the City of Coventry.

Coventry Music Museum is standing strongly behind this bid; please ask a member of the team if you would like to add your voice to our support for this highly deserved recognition.




Unit 7,
The Courtyard Rear of 74-80 Walsgrave Road

We are open Thursday to Sunday-10.00am to 4.00pm, we are also open on Bank Holiday Mondays.

Admission is £3.00 Adults and £1.00 Children between the ages of 5-15


Coventry Music Museum makes every possible effort to ensure an enjoyable visit for all of the community.

We are able to offer wheelchair access to our premises, although, since most of the museum is situated on the first-floor, we ask that wheelchair users give us 24-hours’ notice of an intended visit, so that we can arrange for you to visit us in comfort, confidence and convenience.


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9 hours ago  ·  

The 50 objects, we just spent a year with The Articles In Sound Project, we picked our 50 Objects, so far none has disagreed with our choice. Really!!! Now's your chance to tell us if you agree with our 50. Tell us what you think should be in there. Here's the 50
1. Coventry Carol
2. T E Dunville's Autobiography
3. Reg Dixon's Sheet Music to "Confidentially"
4. Bobbie Clark's Drumsticks
5. Frank Ifield's Jacket
6. Brian Locking's Harmonica
7. Johny B. Great's single "School Is In"
8. Bev Jone's Heatwave single
9. Woody Allen's Stage Jacket
10. The Orchid Ballroom
11. Vince Hill's stage waistcoat
12. Delia Derbyshire's Tape recorder
13. The Sorrows record "Take A Heart"
14. One off cassette recording of a Pinkerton's gig
15. Zodiac's Stage jacket
16. The Co op Hall, Nuneaton
17. The Ray King Blues band Live LP
18. The Lennon Bench
19. Tony Clarke's platinum disc for Moody Blues LP
20. Lieutenant Pigeons Belgium release of Mouldy Old Dough
21. Jigsaw Sky High single
22. Rod Feltons Jug
23. Lanchester Polytechnic
24. Tiffanys
25. Mr George
26. Kingston Affair reel to reel tape
27. Alternative Sounds fanzine
28. Gangsters/The Selecter single
29. Hazel O'Connor's awards for Breaking Glass
30. Horizon Studios Master Tape Machine
31. Hand written lyrics for The Selecter's On My Radio
32. Sent From Coventry Album
33. Too Much too Young, Live EP Special AKA
34. General Wolfe
35. Dill of Gods Toys Jacket
36. Reluctant Stereotypes Clarinet
37. Ghost Town single
38. Fun Boy Three NME Cover
39. Nelson Mandela single
40. King boots
41. Go For It Mastertape
42. Grindcore
43. Primitives suit
44. Eclipse flyers
45. Roger Lomas's Grammy Award
46.Godiva Festival
47.Taz Stereo Nation jacket
48. Panjabi MC Tumbi
49.Enemy Demo CD
50. Clint Mansell tickets
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No Pressure today at the Museum as our visitor from Coventry demonstrates... ... See MoreSee Less

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Best ever Nutty Train from Coventry ... See MoreSee Less

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