The Delian Trail [A.K.A. The Delian Way]


To coincide with the 80th anniversary of Delia Derbyshire’s birth, Coventry Music Museum presents The Delian Trail, an opportunity to explore some of the places in Coventry which had significance in Delia’s life.

If you don’t already have a printed copy, or if you prefer to work from screen, our Delian_Way_Guide is the first tool you’ll need as you set about your journey.

First Port of Call:

We recommend a visit to the Museum as your starting point, although there is nothing to stop you from visiting the locations on the trail in any order you wish.  While you’re in the Two-Tone Village, this is also a chance to see Delia’s tribute plaque on the Wall of Fame.

Cathedral Ruins:

The ruins of Coventry’s once-magnificent medieval cathedral mark one of the first points in Delia’s sound journey.  From very early childhood (just the age of 3 or 4) Delia was deeply affected by three sounds that became part of her life:

  • The fear of the air-raid warning siren
  • The reassuring single-tone “all clear” from those sirens at the end of a raid
    [She later described these as: “that was electronic music to me, in those days”]
  • The sound of wooden clogs on cobbled streets
    [but you’ll have to visit Preston, in Lancashire, where she was evacuated after the Coventry Blitz to hear that one!]

Cedars Avenue:

Delia was born at 124 Cedars Avenue; when she was just a few years old her parents moved just ten doors up the street to the slightly larger house at 104.
[Please note, when visiting Cedars Avenue, that these are private residential properties.]

Barrs Hill School:

This was a selective girls’ Grammar school which Delia attended from 1948-1956.  An excellent student of Mathematics, earning herself a scholarship to Cambridge University, her greatest interest outside school was music.  She was a Grade 8 pianist by the age of 17.

Derbyshire Way:

This is to be a residential street on a new housing development in the Stoke Heath area of Coventry, and will be on the map shortly!  Locals will recognise if we say it is to be on land just a little further up Blackberry Lane from Lyng Hall School.

Christ The King Catholic Church:

Just a little further to the west of the map in our Delian Way guide is the Church of Christ The King, where Delia was Christened, and where her family were members.

Christ The King Junior School:

During her formative years, Delia was educated here.

Leofric Hotel, Broadgate:

This former hotel is now used by the University for student residences.  in 1998 it was the site of possibly Delia’s last visit to the city, at the Panopticon ’98 Dr Who convention.

Note to visitors:

This page is under ongoing development; please revisit soon; there is more information and some images on the way.