In June 1968, Beatle John and his new partner, artist Yoko Ono, travelled to Coventry in his white Rolls-Royce to submit a piece of art to a sculpture exhibition at the Cathedral.

Their display included a circular white wrought-iron seat that slotted together to surround two acorns, which would then grow inside the bench. On the seat was a plaque that read: Yoko by John, John by Yoko.

The acorns were planted in east and westerly positions to symbolise the meeting of John and Yoko.

Coventry – a city of peace and reconciliation – was the perfect place for a piece of art called Acorns for Peace. It was all about peace and reflection.

Moving the bench
However, it wasn’t long after John and Yoko’s visit that the acorns and plaque were stolen. The couple also had a disagreement with the event organisers over a decision to move the bench to another part of the Cathedral grounds.
“Within a week the acorns were stolen, so Lennon sent his driver to pick up the bench.”