Doing Things The Delian Way…


Often dubbed the “Sculptress of Sound”, Coventry-born Delia Derbyshire was a student of Barrs Hill School in the days when it was a girls’ Grammar school, and Cambridge University, where she read music and mathematics.

Best known for her work putting together the original version of the Dr Who theme music, Delia worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop between 1962 and 1973, having joined the BBC as a Studio Manager in 1960.

While she was there, she had a very profound influence on a much wider range of musicians, including visits from the Beach Boys, the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

In her later years, her work influenced many other musicians, including local artists Jerry Dammers and Sonic Boom.  Her work continues to inspire a huge range of composers from many parts of the music spectrum.

Coventry Music Museum is proud to present a new, permanent display dedicated to Delia.

Exhibits include her own reel-to-reel tape recorder, her personal copy of the original Dr Who theme, a brass lampshade of the same type she used to create many of her sound sources, some examples of her rather unique ways of writing her music…

This is a “must-see” display for anyone fascinated by electronic music and its part in the rich history of Coventry’s place in the music world.