… otherwise known as Pete in the Papers, we present a testament to the prolific penmanship and pertinent ponderings of our founder, Pete Chambers, BEM.

Predating his work developing the museum by several decades, This section of the site contains an archive of articles from the pen of Pete with his journalist hat on.

Earning all those AAA (Access All Areas) press passes over the years was a tough call, but someone had to be there – and it’s here that we celebrate the cream of Pete’s publications over the years.

Where the museum gives you the eye candy, these pages portray a pot-pourri of information, tidbits and background on a myriad of artists, acts and venues over the years. A wide spectrum of textures, taste and genre that is rock ‘n’ roll in its broadest sense.

This page is our current development project; we’re tempting you! – stay tuned, there will be lots to read soon.